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State of technology products

The company is engaged in:

  • Industry Products: develops and provides: (i) proprietary 3D navigation databases for airplanes, helicopters, and UAV/UAS, (ii) Synthetic vision & augmented reality technology and avionics navigators based on its proprietary engine RealVision, (iii) Airport Mapping Services, (iv) Airport Environmental Impact Assessments, (v) Custom s/w and h/w solutions for pilots, aircraft and airports, (vi) high-tech R&D results progressing beyond the state of the art.

  • Avionics/navigators-aid 3D-Pilot: featuring 3D-real vision and augmented reality technology developed in the recent 5 years by the company and other technology institutions, whilst IPR and add-one © are exclusively owned by Aviontek.

    3D Pilot Landung Straubing from AvionTek on Vimeo.

  • GeoInformatics: Expertise in space- aviation- avionics- mobile- wifi- & satellite telecoms by using state-of-the-art geoinformatics, EC/Copernicus earth observation data and use of remote sensing technologies for aerospace- aviation- products, technologies that can be downscaled to shipping.

  • Engineering/Consulting/Services: Engineering & modelling, R&D, databases, products development, aviation apps, training, and wide capacity of solutions to agencies, organizations, airports-aerodromes and aviation authorities, and aircraft certification consulting.

  • Geodatabases/3D-aerodromes: 3D-aviation navigation aids (h/w, o/s, s/w, data); aerodrome-SDIs based on ARINC and commercially available technologies; Turn-key systems based on space components as satcom, navigation (photo) and earth observation. Experience with object-oriented programming languages (C++, Java, C#, IDL), Procedural Programming languages (C, FORTRAN 77/90/95, Pascal), Libraries (OpenGL, Qt, MFC, .NET), Script Languages (Perl, Tcl/Tk), Document standards (XML, XSL, XHTML), Geodatabases (Oracle, mySql).

  • Aviation & UAV/UAS/Copter applications: Google Earth™, MS Virtual Earth™, and ESRI ArcGlobe™ and ESRI Aeronautical Solution™ technologies, as supported by terrestrial satellite and web technologies. Cooperation with QUANTUM GmbH UAV Industries & ESRI GmbH.

  • Design of microwave systems: Components for space and ground applications. Development of numerical electromagnetic models and software tools for the design of microwave systems and components in coop with Epsilon Italia, srl

  • Aircraft certification: Experience in turbojet, turboprop, and seaplanes aircraft programs from both the technology and the operational points of view.

  • Management of agreements or special contracts: Technical operational services for operators-providers; support for marketing and pre- & post-sale technical assistance to the customers. Guidance for “RTD to the market”.

  • Project facilitation: For civil, military, cargo operations, passenger operations, and airports, civil protection & security, environment, Consulting for Seaplane operations; and other for the General Aviation.

  • UAV/UGV/UMV/UxV applications: in collaboration with IoT-Partners and Quantum Systems™, we design and implement payload system and functionalities to be mounted on UxVs, including the design of wireless and implementation and Internet connectivity subsystem based on EU/USA communication standards and sensor technologies (e.g. imaging, GNSS/Galileo) for multiple applications (e.g., agrisystems, navigation, health, maritime & shipping).

  • NAVIGATION: The company per se, its shareholders and its staff, has air-, land-, inland-water, and sea-navigation expertise (e.g., optimal routing), thus can support multiple sectors of navigation optimality.

  • R&D/RTD/H2020: Long-term and substantial expertise in EC Framework programmes (FP3-to-H2020, Eurostars) with accomplishment of 80+ major EC/RTD projects by its shareholders, in association also with the Epsilon Group and ESRI GmbH.

  • RTD Communication promotion: For selected projects of interest to the company, Aviontek participates into projects to support dissemination, communication, and linked activities (like the establishment of an EEIG) that will support the RTD outcome to reach the market as solution or product, whist Aviontek will have its share in the commercialized product.